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Company Order Price Disk Bandwidth Domains Location Coupon
multistars10.99 1 100 5 USA
multistars19.99 2 200 unlimited USA
multistars26.99 5 500 unlimited USA
Company Order Price Disk Bandwidth Domains Location Coupon
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  1. I signed up with multistars hosting for more than a year and I have not had any issue with their service. Our company’s website is always fast and it has never been down.

  2. They have provided good service at low cost. I know a hosting provider should not have to solve problems specific to a particular website on the server, but they really spent time help debug my wordpress site and found the issue with one of our plugins.

  3. Multistars is a wonderful but very affordable web hosting company. I have been hosting my site there for almost 1 year and there is not any issue so far. Their support is very quick and helpful, even though sometime they tend to answer in short sentence, which is not very professional, but who care, as long as the problem is quickly resolved? Thanks for great but low cost shared hosting service!

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